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The Tri-Cities area of TN is truly a remarkable place... filled with friendly people and views of the beautiful mountains. It also surprisingly offers a very diverse culinary experience. However, it has always been missing Vietnamese cuisine. Up until now.

The idea behind KALM Bistro is to introduce Vietnamese Cuisine to the tri-cities area. From Vietnamese 'Pho', a rice noodle soup made with our lovingly crafted broth that is both healthy and delicious, to our specialty desserts.. there's something to satisfy every taste bud.

We cook the way we would at home, using only the freshest ingredients and most traditional methods. The quality and freshness in our dishes will be a testament to that.


We are purposely small so that we can focus on the things that matters the most to us. The importance of our guests, the heritage of our foods, and our commitment to never stray from the 3 things that we stand for. From our kitchen, to your table...

Always fresh, always delish, always KALM

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